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Flox In Taipei



Originally called “Ihla Formosa” or Beautiful Island, Taiwan’s fascinating diversity of indigenous fauna was what attracted me to this island in the first place. Unfortunately, Taiwan’s growing economic prosperity has gone hand in hand with the destruction of environmental heritage and the loss of some of its native species.

Over the last decade however, local population have urged government to enact a series of laws designed to protect endangered species, such as the Formosan Sika Deer and the Formosan Black Bear. There is change in the air, and there is a positive outlook for the creatures that remain. General attitudes have changed towards protecting this rich biodiversity, one many would consider a real natural wonder of the world.

The urban landscape here in Taipei, although condensed and highly populated, still offers glimpses of city sanctuaries, with an abundance of green living walls, garden rooftops and alleyway oases.You get a real feel for this culture’s connection to their land, and the harmonic way in which they all just carry on.

These stencil pieces are destined for the streets of Taipei, acting as simple reminders within an urban context, of the preciousness of our environment, and the preservation of what we were lucky enough to have in the first place. #floxintaipei


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