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First few weeks have flown by here in my Artist Residency in Taipei, Taiwan. My head is exploding with ideas. There is just so much inspiration here. I must admit, I’m feeling pumped and slightly self indulgent working on my own stuff.


There is so much going on all around me, socially, culturally and environmentally so you can only imagine how artistically charged it is – I’ve totally got the feels!


My first works here reference Taiwan’s native species and the efforts around the balance between conservation and economic development in this country.


The Formosan Sika Deer (above) and Black Bear (below) are national treasures. I’ve emphasised their worth by crowning them with local orchids and adorning them with traditional Taiwanese tattoos: a mark of respect.

As I walk this city, I can’t help noticing the many gorgeous red Chinese paper cuts hanging in windows, they are absolutely quintessential to Chinese culture.

I’ve created a whole library of stencils here which is intense work. Now to get painting in refreshing urban landscapes of my adopted home. Check out my new pieces in the time lapse vids below.