Just in time to rock your Easter, my latest legskin design in collaboration with Courage My Love, the Badass Bunny, have been let loose! This my second, successful collaboration with this Christchurch-based high-end fitness to fashion wear company.

The rabbit-theme legskins pay homage to the quintessential rhyme from our childhood, “Run Rabbit”. Drawing from the poems darker roots, the artwork draws reference to the rabbits destructive nature with populations throughout Aotearoa again reaching catastrophic proportions. The tongue in cheek nature of the artwork inspires a sense of bounce for the wearer, contrasting with the moodier undertones, which in turn evoke a bit of a “don’t mess with me” attitude.

If you’re wildly enchanting, intricately sophisticated and a little bit naughty – a rebel of the very best kind – I think you’ll love Badass Bunny legskins.


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