If you’re a nature lover like me, you’re also probably trying to minimise the plastic in your life. Which isn’t always easy! One of the biggest challenges is the plastic that goes into my kids’ lunchboxes.

That’s why I just love what the good people at HoneyWrap are up to. HoneyWrap is a completely plastic-free alternative to wrapping lunch box goodies, snacks and leftovers. Instead, it’s made from 100% organic cotton, blended with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. Inspired stuff! So naturally I was stoked to be invited to create a special Floxified design for a new summer range.

This was a very cool project to be part of. HoneyWrap is a local biz with a beautiful philosophy of zero waste, so that inspired flavours of graphic Kiwi-ness and nature in my design. I also wanted to create a look that felt playful and fun, so when kids go to grab their food from their school lunch boxes, they’ve got a colourful, exciting looking lunch.

I’ve been using them at home and and I’ve gotta say it’s so satisfying not having to use plastic bags and plastic wrap every day.

I’m hoping all you beautiful conscious consumers out there get behind these little businesses, it feels so good to be part of a positive movement towards sustainability. Bring it on!

Being thoughtful with the businesses and products we support is a powerful way to make a real difference. So please, check out the goodies over at Honeywrap.co.nz and tell your friends. Choose your favourite design or get the whole set. If you want to help spread the plastic-free love, they are a sweet idea for Christmas prezzies too.
Together, let’s relegate plastic to the history books! You can purchase your honeywraps here