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Here's what I got up to on day two of Graffiato in Taupo over the long weekend.....Managed to dodge the rain entirely that day, hence an early start. A big thanks to Taupo community and my amazing volunteer Chelsea, I could not have done…
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Here's the pics from the first paint day in Taupo. Thankfully the weather was bliss, so someone was on my side! Managed to get the repeat pattern background done on this day, very technical and time consuming.    …
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Had these gorgeous distressed panels made up out of old timber floor boards that I was able to source. These are for an exhibition in conjunction with Graffiato in Taupo next week..check this link:http://www.erupt.co.nz/graffiato — at Flox.   …


NEW ONLINE FLOX APPAREL STORE, OPEN NOW!! Flox is branching out into apparel again FINALLY! Sticking with the basic tees and tanks this time, all the pieces are art focussed, and all digitally printed. Hit the link below to get the full lowdown. http://www.floxapparel.co.nz/  
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We were lucky enough to be invited to join a volunteer team from Spinning Top, all the way up to Apia in Samoa last week.  We even took my son Bo, who was awesome and helped out so much!  A big thanks to Pat and Shelly for giving us this opportunity…