Stencil Prep for NYC and LA

This one is of the Spotted Owl on the States top 10 engandered bird species list... I'll be painting this one down at the Los Angeles event  

NYC and LA Stencil Prep cont'd..

Lots of brand new yummy floral stencils depicting both East Coast and West Coast US flora....so excited to put paint through these! xx  
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1.2m Rounds August 2013

Two of these are still available and now on display in Flox Showroom RRP Direct $3500        
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Well it's all been a bit "behind the scenes" as of late, working on some pre production murals for a job I have in the US in a couple of weeks. I've been asked to attend the Cloudy Bay 2013 Sauvignon Blanc lauch events "Rare Taste", one in New…