Ok, so I can now reveal this project as it is about to go live this morning on the Breakfast Show. The low down is, a bunch of NZ artists have been asked to decorate an egg, and these will all be hidden around the country in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch! The eggs will then all be auctioned off with all proceeds being donated to Starship…I couldn’t think of a better cause. Here’s some process pics of the Flox egg.

Blurb for Flox Egg: “Womb”
As timing would have it, the egg as a form granted personal significance to Flox, and would mark the onset of how this piece was approached both aesthetically and conceptually.

Hayley King aka Flox, worked to create this work entitled “Womb”, whilst at the same time, her very own miracle was being created inside her.

Being pregnant, and in her final stages, Flox meticulously created a containment, or a “safe haven” for her egg, something that she relates very closely to the notion of her own baby in utero. You can’t touch the egg now, but you can see it, and you know it’s there. It is safe, and it is protected.

“Children are our future, and so it has been an honor to be involved in this project in conjunction with our wonderful Starship Hospital, and for the sake of my own new baby Indiana Kotare Moon, who was born during this project!!”

x flox


process-starship-13 process-starship-18

process-starship-19 process-starship-27