Counting down to my next big event – this Friday is the launch of my newest creative adventure, an exhibition/collaboration with Michel Tuffery at Railway Street Gallery.

On show are both individual and collaborative works inspired by, and celebrating the concept of Matariki/Maori New Year (Pleides).

Traditionally Matariki is a time of remembrance, harvesting and planting themes which beautifully bring together our shared influences of flora and fauna, and objects and patterns of the South Pacific and New Zealand.

Working with Michel, who is a major player in the NZ art world, has been awesome and I reckon you’ll find the results inspiring, whether sculpture, woodblock prints or stencil works are your thing.

For a behind the scenes/sneak peek at what’ll be going up on Friday check out my piccies.

Check in at Railway Street Gallery for the exhibition opening
Friday, 4 July, 5:30 – 8:30
8 Railway Street, Newmarket

Otherwise take a gander from 5 to 22 July, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 3pm

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