What an amazing week I’ve had down here in beautiful Christchurch. The energy is just buzzing down here, so it was a real honour to paint as part of Spectrum 2015 and add my own personal touch to the city.
Check out these process pics of my outdoor piece, got it done in a day, thanks to my wonderful assistant Linda! Thanks luv, you rule xx
This Flox wall is located on Welles Street, behind Coriander Restaurant for anyone wanting to check it out in the flesh, or better yet, you can download the app StreetWise and go on a bit of a local street art tour……well worth it I tell ya, some AMAZING outdoor pieces down here.
Also, Spectrum Exhibition runs for three months at the YMCA Christchurch, so plenty of time to take it all in.  You’ll catch a massive 6m high Flox wall along with 6 other pieces all painted by both local and international artists.

Get on down!!
I’ll miss you Chrstchurch, until next time xxflox


Spectrum-Outdoor-Piece-9  Spectrum-Outdoor-Piece-4  Spectrum-Day-Two-2Spectrum-Outdoor-Piece-10 Spectrum-Day-Two-3
Spectrum-Day-Two-6   Spectrum-Day-Two-7