Now I may be in another continent, but I still have my finger on the AK pulse people!! This Thursday down at Allpress Gallery in Vicky Park, sees the opening of The Blanks Project, hosted by none other than The Paper Rain Project. This awesome collective has rallied a bunch of us artists to do our thing on skate decks made out of recycled wine barrels….the results are mind blowing. The Flox board, is hot off the press featuring one of my brand new designs of the Formosan Black Bear created during my stay here at my Artist Residency in Taipei, Taiwan. (ps: The chinese character sign off, spells Flox!) so go check check, this is nothing, you should see all the other decks xxflox ‪#‎floxintaipei‬

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Flox Skate Deck
“Formosan Black Bear”
Laser Etching (then oiled) into Recycled Wine Barrel
Limited Edition of 5