Heads up in you’re in Auckland! I’ve collaborated with Shelton Woolright, Otis Frizzell, Askew One and Dean Sacred on the Lonesome Beast Native Exhibition.

The exhibition aims to create awareness around the reality of extinction of New Zealand’s endangered native birds and the importance of conservation. As you people know, a trademark of my work incorporates native elements of New Zealand including birds, ferns and flowers so I was thrilled to be asked to collaborate on a series that essentially gives back to my craft with 10% proceeds going towards The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund.

You can check out the exhibition for free on entry to The Auckland Zoo. Every Thursday during February tickets for the Open Late (5.30-8pm) nights cost just $12 for adults (these events are exclusively for adults). Get along for a beastly treat!

Lonesome Beast Native Exhibition
3rd February – 26th February
Old Elephant House at The Auckland Zoo
99 Motions Road
Western Springs