I’ve made it to India and am so ecstatic to be in this beautiful country with my Painted Peacock Project peahens Cathy, Sacha and Ema!
The journey started with a bit of a challenge as the airline lost my luggage (including all of my stencils!). I ended up having to fly all the way back to Delhi to get them. I’m quickly learning that India is a very chaotic place but it’s also incredibly magical, especially when you’re surrounded by talented, creative women.

I’m full swing into projects now, including commissioning some local wood carvers to create a woodblock out of one of my stencils. I am sooo excited to see what they come up with! We’ve also started our Painted Peacock Workshops and it’s been a wonderful experience so far being able to share our knowledge with these beautiful children.

I’ll leave you with a few photographs from the very skilled Sacha Stejko. make sure you’re following The Painted Peacock Project on our social media channels so you don’t miss out on any exclusive content!

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