The Painted Peacock Project wouldn’t have been possible without our man on the ground Rajesh Soni. A well respected fine artist and photographer in Udaipur, Rajesh owns his own gallery – Gallery One, next to our mural – and has overcome many barriers getting permission from local government.
He’s been our translator, our tour guide, our media contact, photographer but mostly our biggest supporter and friend. We absolutely adore this wonderful man and will be forever grateful to him for making this project possible.
Rajesh came on board in February as we knew this wasn’t going to be easy to navigate ourselves from New Zealand. After a lot of searching he found us the incredible Badi Primary School in a small local village. They understood what we were doing, and were open to us undertaking our workshops with their young students.
On one of our final days here he even took the time to give us a lesson on Miniature Painting – one of India’s most popular and traditional styles. Miniatures are beautiful handmade paintings, which can be quite colourful but small in size. The highlight of these paintings is the intricate and delicate brushwork.
Here are a few pics from our lesson and some incredible examples of Rajesh’s work.
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