As you all know i’ve been on an incredible journey this year with the gals from the Painted Peacock Project. We had an absolutely inspiring trip to India where we learnt so much about the people and animals that make up the community in Udaipur. After coming back from India I wanted to create a body of work that reflected this community- especially the animals that we saw that were such an integral part of Indian Street Life.

I’ve now released a limited series of works including hand painted pieces on wood, a primo digital print, some rad postcards and some extra special stencil works on precious cotton rag paper handmade in India and brought back to NZ by me! We were so lucky to be able to see this paper being made when we were over there which you can read all about here 

These pieces are all currently being exhibited at Allpress Studio in Auckland ( 8 Drake Street) and we have managed to score an extra week there so make sure you pop in before the 17th December!

If you can’t make it in then no fear – all of the works are available online! Check them out below…



Indigo Peahen Buy here »


Bad Ass Buy here »


Camel Adorned Buy here »


Sticks and Stones, You Got My Donkey Bones Buy here »


Brownie Buy here »


Victims of Society Buy here »


Ringneck Rubberneckers Buy here »


Gold Peahen Buy here »


Brownie Buy here »


Elephant Adorned Buy here »


Peahens Facing Buy here »


Cattle Class Buy here »

Painted Peacock Project Postcards Buy here »