HealthPak were after a new design for their Forest and Bird guest amenities range and I was stoked to help them out with a special huia artwork.

I love the folks at Forest and Bird. They work so hard for our birds. Kevin Hague, the Chief Exec at Forest & Bird, wants to spread the word loud and clear that NZ doesn’t live up to the clean green image promoted by the tourism industry and wake people up to what we have to lose if we don’t care for our environment. Teaming up with HealthPak means the message will be seen by squillions.

Can’t get much more powerful than using an image of our super beautiful and now-extinct huia bird. The huia was sacred to the Maori and was once our largest species of wattlebird until overhunting and deforestation wiped them out. The last huia was seen in the Tararua Ranges in 1907. Sooo sad. I so wish huia were still here, playing in the bush. I guess that’s why to me the huia will always symbolise what we’ve lost and a big huge reminder to care for the birds we still have.

The new designs are coming soon – keep your eyes peeled when visiting your favourite New Zealand accommodation for the set that includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Balm.