Easter Bunny is on his way and i’ve decided to put together a little collection for those who’d rather skip the chocolate eggs this easter! These bunny works are equally as sweet but a little more fitting for those who don’t have a sweet tooth but still want to get amongst the easter spirit! Check em out below…

Bunny Stencil Small  Buy here »

Hopping Bunny Stencil Small  Buy here »

Winter Bunnies Digi Veneer  Buy here »

Autumn Bunnies Digi Veneer  Buy here »

I Heart Bunnies Wooden Round  Buy here »

Autumn Bunnies Gift Card Buy here »

Badass Bunnies Gift Card Buy here »

Autumn Bunnies Lightbox Buy here »

Winter Bunnies Lightbox Buy here »

Badass Bunnies legskins Buy here »