Can you believe we’re almost half way through the year? Winter is well and truly here and I’ve been working hard to get a fresh set of works ready to brighten up these dull days.

I’ve loaded up a bunch of digis, screen prints and cut works to the site with everything from skulls to flowers. If you want a little something to keep the spirits up through these cold months then what better than a sweet Floxy piece for your wall.

Have a browse below and click the links to get shopping.

Flox Peony

Peony Buy here »

Flox Tui and Huia Digital

Huia and Tui Buy here »

flox white series tui

White Series Tui Buy here »

white series flox kingfisher

White Series Fying Kingfisher Buy here »

flox white series kereru

White Series Kereru Buy here »

flox white series kokako

White Series Kokako Buy here »

Flox Black Stilt and Mayfly Crest

Black Stilt with Mayfly Crest Screen print Buy here »

Flox Blackstilt and Heron Crest

White Heron and Whitebait Crest  Buy here »

Flox Kakapo and Puriri Moth

Kakapo and Puriri Moth Crest  Buy here »

Flox Mexiskull Gold

Mexiskull Gold  Buy here »

Tui Tahi Flox

Tahi Tui in the cut Buy here »