Everyone loves a secret mission, right? I’ve been on an epic one recently, cranking out what could be referred to as a Flox Mural Odyssey in Central Christchurch for the Enliven Places Programme.

The Enliven Places Programme (formally the Transitional City Programme) is all about the regeneration of the city by encouraging and supporting the community to deliver projects and events that enliven and transform places to leave a lasting legacy. They asked me to transform a massive, blank wall space in the newly opened Plymouth Lane across from the Justice and Emergency Precinct.

Taking inspo from the Wizard of Oz I named this piece ‘No Place Like Home’. The phrase refers to the journey undertaken by the residents of Christchurch since the earthquakes, which can be compared to elements of this classic tale. Both start with a natural disaster and require the joint forces of intellect, heart and courage during many trials and tribulations. By referring to the famous line “No place like home”, I’m honouring the resilience, tenacity and collaboration of the people of this much-loved city.

This mural was a mammoth job which spanned 12 wall panels and 75 metres, took 25 cans of spray paint, 25 hand-cut stencils, four days, and two scissor lifts! Each panel features its own letter and I’ve mixed up the styles with classic Flox hand-cut stencil designs featuring beautiful plant- and bird-life, as well as some dramatic, graphically-inspired letterforms.

Creating this work couldn’t have been possible without sponsorship from Clearwater Construction, the Christchurch City Council Enliven Places Programme and a special team of lovely local Canty helpers led by my able sidekick Linda. I’m so stoked to be able to deliver such a meaningful artwork to a city that has been through so much. Check it out next time you’re in the central city and let me know which letter is your favourite!

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