I’ve finished my piece here at Street Prints Mauao 2017 in Mt Maunganui.

The theme of the festival resonated with me: “What Is the most important thing in this world?” “He Tangata, he tangata, he tangata” (The People)
For me, the most important people in my world are my Tamariki, Bo and Indi, so this piece represents them – A portrait of Bo adorned with flying Kotare which represent Indi (as this is his middle name) During my research into local legends of Mauao (The Mount) I discovered there was one about the Patupaiarehe – local Forrest Fairies that were thought to have dragged Mauao out to the position in which he sits now. The Patupaiarehe were also thought to be fair skinned and with red hair!…another reason I chose to use my boy as my muse in this piece!

Very grateful to be here amongst super talented artists and friends, thanks Street Prints x