I had such a rad week in the South Island at St Andrew’s School, Timaru!

There was a pretty special brief for the mural developed by the tamariki and school. They are really knowledgeable their local natural environment, so I wanted to reflect that in the mural.

The main three triangles are the structure of the piece, and they represent the mountains around the area. The shapes took inspo from the school’s logo, and you can see the water swirl in the mix.

Inside the central triangle are native fauna, and around the triangles are native birds. Two regional rivers flank the three maunga / triangles.

And we can’t forget the mudfish! The school has been quite active in the preservation of the local mudfish. They have even won awards for their work!

While I was working at the school I got to meet Ahi the Kāhu. It was a fabulous experience to hold this magical creature! Vaughan Skea (a teacher at the school) heads The Raptor Trust, a group which rescues and rehabilitates native birds so the birds are very close to the school’s heart. Did you know Harrier Hawks are a symbol of victory and chieftainship in Maori tradition?

I also got to do some stencil workshops with some year 6, 7 and 8 students. We had a great time cutting out stencils together! Check out their work, the mural and Ahi the Kāhu in the pics and video below.

Would you like a mural at your school or organisation?

St Andrew's School logo

St Andrew’s School logo. Can you see it reflected in the mural design above?