In a Flox first, I have created my own limited edition rugs!

These lush pieces add a confident touch of nature and rich palette of colours to any room. There are two designs available – Huia Aubergine and Flying Kingfisher Aubergine.

The Huia Aubergine Rug is based on one of my popular rounds. The Huia is now extinct but is iconic in New Zealand. In Maori culture, Huia were rare birds treasured for their precious plumes, and feathers were given as tokens of friendship and respect.

The Flying Kingfisher Rug is a homage to the kōtare. Kingfishers are very social and fiercely loyal. Flying amongst the kauri and bird of paradise flowers, this beautiful bird should be winging its way to your place.

Both designs come in a limited edition of 10 and each rug is individually numbered. In true Trans-Tasman colab style the rugs were designed and assembled in Aotearoa; and manufactured in Australia.

Huia Aubergine Rug

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Flying Kingfisher Aubergine Rug

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