Hand Painted Wooden Rounds
Unique Plywood – 1200mm x 1200mm

The MĀNU series is a collection of hand painted works that pay homage to the beautiful oddities that occur throughout our natural world. The rare Tūī and Fantail depicted in this series, hold a condition called leucism, where their plumage can be entirely white, or display patches of white whilst their eyes colour remains dark. Spotting one of these treasured white Manu makes for a really unique experience.

It’s a rare occasion to catch a glimpse of a snow-white Tūī with only a dozen or so records of sightings of this leucistic wonder.

This hand painted wooden round features a stunning new lettered edging detail with the phrase “Native birds of New Zealand”. The title of this series: MĀnu is a play on the Te Reo Māori word mā (white) and Manu (bird)

If you love this idea but want a different Flox design, custom rounds are available at the same price.

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