Ritual Union Retreat
October 22nd – 24th
Sanctuary Hill, New Plymouth

Explore the union between movement, breath and creativity with stencil artist Flox, special guest yoga instructor Bhavani, and Ru bringing her knowledge and skills of the wellness sector on a three day retreat in the beautiful grounds of Sanctuary Hill.

How can we all use yoga and art to enrich and compliment our everyday lives? How do we create something balanced with the positive and negative attributes of a stencil when relating that back to yin and yang? What shapes begin to happen as a consequence?

On this retreat—the third of its kind—you are invited to consider through workshops in both stencil creation and yoga how the language of movement feeds and nourishes our body; and how our bodies and lives become richer when given freedom to create.

The catalyst for the Ritual Union Retreat began when artist Flox turned to yoga with Kyleigh Burniston in 2018 as a way to refine and manage her health. Flox had physical challenges as the result of a heavy workload and the repetitive actions that her practice entailed.

Taking up yoga allowed Flox to both begin listening to the signs her body was giving her and reassessing her approach to her work.

• Joining us this year is special guest yoga instructor and Co-founder of Sanctuary Hill Retreat – Bhavani, a mother, educator and a passionate teacher of yoga through all of its facets.
• Flox will teach you the fundamental skills of creating your own piece of art, using stencil cutting techniques and exploring the essence of the stencil – how to create, what to cut and what to leave behind.
• and Ru will take you through a session of exploration into the self, and will be here to answer all your questions and to facilitate a memorable experience.

The inspired result is: Space to create, Space to grow, Space to flow.

Price includes plant based food, cosy accommodation, materials and goody bag.

As this is held over Labour Weekend, there is an option to stay an extra night which can be arranged with Sanctuary Hill at an extra charge.

**Please note – There will be no spray painting on this workshop.

Please email [email protected] if you have any queries

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