Hand Cut

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Business Workshop

From the Better Work Stories files, here’s one that’s definitely not your average day in the office! I’m so excited to be in Wellington today for a two day workshop with this group from a corporate environment. The students are working…
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The Painted Peacock Project Day Two

Today was all about another great day of workshops with the lovely children here in Udaipur! It started with prepping more stencils in my hotel room, which is an inspiration in itself! Then the other peahens and I headed off to the local school.…
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Indian Stencil Prep Continues

I've just finished creating this Indian Flox tile stencil , finished cutting it at 10pm last night! Having to pull a few late ones in preparation for our trip but its 100% worth it. More to come, watch this space!! xx
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I was stoked to be asked to create a fox artwork recently. Yup, a Flox fox! This one was commissioned as a sweet 40th birthday gift. It’s a step outside what I usually do and I totally loved it. Here’s a little glimpse of how this stencil…
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The first edition of these hand cut puppies were hotter than a Habanero chili! When they sold out there was so many requests for more in this style, so I've created a new design for those who love a bit of Latino loveliness. Mexiskull…
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Heads up in you’re in Auckland! I've collaborated with Shelton Woolright, Otis Frizzell, Askew One and Dean Sacred on the Lonesome Beast Native Exhibition. The exhibition aims to create awareness around the reality of extinction of…
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A short doco following the process behind Flox's latest product line of removable decals. Follow her as she offers a glimpse into her own world of art making, and in this case, her collaboration with a local Auckland business yourdecalshop.co.nz Director…
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A short process doco showcasing the intricacies of stencil making in the world of Flox. Follow Flox, as she creates a stencil piece for the Auckland Tiger Translate Party of 2012. Director Of Photography: Gareth Moon  
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Flox In Taipei

  Originally called “Ihla Formosa” or Beautiful Island, Taiwan’s fascinating diversity of indigenous fauna was what attracted me to this island in the first place. Unfortunately, Taiwan’s growing economic prosperity has gone…
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The Formosan Black Bear is endemic to Taiwan and now classed as endangered. These initial artworks reflect my obsession with local flora and fauna, but this time I've paired them with an interest in traditional facial tattooing and costume…