Edendale School Mural ‘The Blossoming’ Flox & TrustMe 2019

This piece is a celebration of childhood and pays homage to the unique philosophies of Edendale Primary School. The school encompasses a rare emphasis on the arts, with their students being encouraged to participate in music, art making and garden to table programmes.

The use of bright colours envelopes the mural and naturally your eyes are drawn along just as you would reading a story book, from left to right.

Big bold garden botanicals of tomatoes, leaves and citrus intertwine with bees and a butterfly. Moving into the centre of the piece, intricate repeat patterns make reference to the many different cultures of Edendale Primary – Chinese, Indian, Maori and Pacific, while the right hand wall pays homage with another repeat pattern made up of music, garden, technology and family like symbols. A Pea Sprout silloutte series is also found throughout the piece representing growth.

Lastly, the Kuaka aka Godwit makes an appearance in an array of different flying stances. These birds are a migratory bird, and travel some of the longest distances known to humankind. Their inclusion in this artwork pay homage to the tamariki of the school as they symbolise a sense of achievement, agility and future success.


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My Story

As an aerosol and stencil artist with a fine art degree, Flox has been making her mark on the inner cityscape of Auckland since 2003.

Her trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga. Using distinctly vibrant and confident colour on a scale combined with delicacy they have magically transformed grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world.

Flox swiftly expanded her practice into prints, publications, murals, graphic design, live painting, projects and workshops for both schools and the wider public. She has been involved in numerous collaborations, charity work and both group and solo exhibitions.

Her accessible narratives have broadened the appeal and shaped her into one of New Zealand’s most recognised contemporary artists.

In recent years Flox has focused on refining new ideas, exploring other cultures and pushing her own artistic boundaries. This resulted in a three-month Artist Residency in Taiwan and a journey to Udaipur in India, to expand her international audiences.

Seen everywhere from Berlin, Hong Kong, New York, Taiwan, India and the US, Flox continues spreading her wings and making her presence felt across public spaces and homes worldwide.

Flox Portrait