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Splashback Commmission 2017

Another satisfied client! How awesome does my splashback look in this stylin' kitchen? Working beautifully with the lighting and textures, it injects a whole lot of natural flora and fauna-inspired personality into the space. Want your…
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  Thought I'd share one of my latest commissions, a very vibrantly coloured Splashback!  These look amazeballs when installed and really zhoosh up kitchens and bathrooms.
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Well done to House Number 4 on The Block NZ this eve, this was definately a good week to win!!  And I am so thrilled to have been a part of it! Here's some process shots of the House Number 4 splashback work, hope you all enjoyed xx   …
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Grey Lynn Splashback

Here's an interior piece I did  for some wonderful clients in Grey Lynn Auckland. It's always very rewarding to be a part in the transformation of a house! I love the reflections of this piece in particular, it really emphasizes the relationship…
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Pics feature a splashback I painted in a beautiful house being built on River Road in Hamilton